Builder of the World’s Smallest Internal Combustion Engines by George Luhrs

This engine is known by its full name, which is Luhrs engine.
The well-known George Luhrs created and invented this model engine in 2001. George Luhrs built engines of all sizes for the majority of his life. He constructed several different kinds of models as a child, such as free flight and “U-control” airplanes, model boats, and model cars. As a teenager, George also started working on cars and repaired and rebuilt minor engines. He developed his ability to operate a variety of tools, including machine shop equipment required for part construction and maintenance, in order to achieve these goals. Furthermore, a New York Times piece highlighted George Luhrs and Pierre Scerri, the recipient of the Craftsman of the Year award.

Unfortunately, George passed away in 2014, which led to the discontinuation of many of his engine types. We have recreated this Luhrs engine, which has an overhead valve structure with spark plug ignition, a fan shroud on the right side of the cam casing, and a small cooling fan within, in order to respect this great artisan and to carry on his spirit. External mechanical ignition (no hall sensor), forced air cooling design, and separate crankshaft lubrication box made primarily of aluminum alloy.

DIY Metal Single Cylinder Engine Model MUSA Vertical Air Cooled Engine Physical Experiment Toy

The bore and stroke measurements of this single-cylinder, spark plug gas engine are 1/8″ and 5/32″. It only moves.0019 cubic inches. In 1996, George created this little engine from the ground up. When it runs, he noticed that it buzzes like a bee. For scale reference, a portion of a US penny is seen at the bottom of the image. (Image credit goes to Thomas Oversluizen.)

DIY Metal Single Cylinder Engine Model MUSA Vertical Air Cooled Engine Physical Experiment Toy

a close-up of the same engine’s cylinder and carburetor. It is also possible to observe the exterior pushrods that control the valves. As of the time of writing, no one had refuted George’s assertion that this is the tiniest gasoline engine powered by a spark plug ever constructed. (Image credit goes to Thomas Oversluizen.)

Many model engine aficionados have been impressed by the two single-cylinder engines that the EngineDIY team and the MUSA manufacture published in recent years as a tribute to the classics “Whippet” and “Red Dog”.

September 2023 will see us honoring George Luhrs, a master artisan, once more. Once more, we remember the memory of the great craftsman George Luhrs, who spent the most of his life creating model engines of all sizes before passing away tragically in 2014. We present to you the George Luhrs Engine, which is inspired by George Luhrs’s work. We are offering you a reconstructed miniature four-stroke single-cylinder engine that is based on the George Luhrs Engine as a way to pay tribute to this amazing artisan and to preserve his memory.

With a hardened crankshaft and shims, the engine’s parts are CNC machined. The engine has an exterior mechanical ignition system with an adjustable ignition advance angle, a compact visible and transparent gasoline tank, and an overhead valve arrangement. It is also forced air cooled and equipped with a centrifugal fan.

DIY Metal Single Cylinder Engine Model MUSA Vertical Air Cooled Engine Physical Experiment Toy

HOMAGE TO CLASSIC: This engine is remarkable and generates a lot of attention and conversation since it will make engine modelers and players feel more nostalgic and resonant.

Beautiful appearance: With a silver color scheme and a small, compact structure, this little vertical single-cylinder four-stroke engine has a distinctive and lovely appearance. You will enjoy how well it operates.

The engine’s clever design incorporates an overhead valve structure, an adjustable ignition advance angle on the external mechanical ignition trigger, and a fan cover with a small cooling fan inside the right cam housing.

Excellent quality: crankshaft with axle shingles that has been totally CNC machined and fabricated. The engine’s mechanical roughness and beauty are showcased by the sandblasted and anodized surface.

EXCELLENT COLLECTION: This decorative engine is an excellent addition for collectors and lovers of engine models. It is also a highly useful engine type in model exhibits and makes a wonderful personalized gift for those who enjoy mechanical things.


Composition: metal

Name: MUSA

The F1-2.7cc model

13570105 mm in size

weight of roughly 700g

Engine type: internal combustion engine running on gasoline or kerosene

Category of gas distribution mechanism: OHV

Vertical single-cylinder cylinder

Four different strokes

Movement: 2.7 cc

14.8 mm in bore

Muscle: 15.8 mm

Velocity: 800-8000 rpm

About 0.4 ps of power

Utilizing forced air cooling

lubrication: lubricating with a splash

Using a hand crank or an electric drill to start

External Mechanical Ignition System (Ignition Breaker Assemblies) is the method of ignition.

Fuel type: petroleum (92# and above) or kerosene

Type of oil: motor oil (5W-30 2T).